The gift of technology scholarship


Thanks to a generous gift from American Electric Power (AEP), GIFT has a number of gently used laptops available for donation.  These laptops run Windows 7, and have Intel Core i5 processors, and are generally 2-3 years old. 


Many of our teens have plenty of access to computers during high school, either through laptops that are issued to students as they are locally here in Gahanna Jefferson Schools, or in the classroom, in the school library, etc.  However, students who move on to Vocational Schools or do not have laptops issued to them may not have a computer at home available for use.  Additionally, after graduation if a student does not have easy access to a computer, it can be extremely challenging, even stressful, for students attempting to find work, apply for college, or even communicate by email or have internet access for general use.  This need is sometimes so great, that it can limit the success of teens who are trying to live independently as young adults.  The GIFT of Technology is our attempt to improve the success rate for teens and young adults with the greatest needs.


Official eligibility requirements are still being developed.  In the meantime, please email us through to request additional information about how to apply or to submit an individual need for us to immediately consider.  We are also currently working to find partners who are willing to provide basic software, and possibly printers or other accessories, in order to increase the positive impact that this GIFT will have for our teens or young adults in need.