Previous Events and Activites

For events listed as "Ongoing", see our Inclusion Calendar or Facebook Events page to participate!

Next Chapter Book Club : Ongoing, find out more HERE

Open Mic Night : Ongoing, find out more HERE

Sensory Inclusive Reception at MOMENTUM Gallery :  The Gahanna Area Arts Council and Gahanna Inclusion for Teens and Young Adults hosted a fun afternoon at the gallery for a quiet, small-group event.  The event featured a personal tour of the gallery space including learning about the featured artist, discussion of watercolor art, painting activities, and refreshments.  

STEM Classes : Inclusion-based STEM classes, open to all ages and abilities through young adulthood, in collaboration with OASIS, and included activities such as Drone racing, LEGO Boost Robotics, and 3D Pen Prototyping sessions.  

Inclusive Yoga / "Españoga"  : Yoga classes for all abilities.  Class included teens with disabilities as well as those without, whether first time participants, or advanced.  A great introduction to health and wellness in a comfortable and relaxed environment.  Also, we have Spanish interpretation available for those who need it!

Crochet Class : Beginners crochet class with additional instruction provided for those with intellectual delays, language differences including Spanish-speaking, or physical challenges where necessary, allowing everyone to learn a new hobby together.

Guest Speaker Events: Ongoing, see our Events Calendar for upcoming topics, dates, and times